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Runaway Girl Blog Tour Kickoff (1 of 3 posts)

As a Write More Publications author, an avid reader and a huge supporter of my colleagues and indie authors, I am so pleased my blog will feature the kick off for the Runaway Girl blog tour!  I had so much great stuff. I’ve had to turn this into a three part  series!


Part 1: Synopsis, Review, Excerpt

 Runaway Girl is a vampire tale unlike any other. Take a look:

A missing vampire princess. A soul fractured among five young human girls. One loyal vampire with a grudge. Can vampire soldier Damian set aside his personal feelings to follow orders? Can princess Amelia's soul be reunited in time for the meeting of the three clans? Will her brother, Matthew, fight for the right to rule? Who will prevail?

In a world populated with vampire books Elaine White gives us a completely original tale filled with complex family relationships. White takes the emphasis off the predatory human vampire relationship and instead focuses on their world. She takes us inside a complex tale of clans and politics, family vendettas and warring lands. This book is more than one story. It is many stories interwoven into one original world. 

 My Review of Runaway Girl by Elaine White

An interesting vampire adventure! A vampire (kind of a pain-in-the-ass vampire) gets her soul severed into the living souls of multiple girls. However, her soul need to be reunited so she can marry Damian (aahhh, Damian), and rule the clans! Of course, it’s not going to be that simple, silly readers!  White leads the reader through multiple twists and turns, at the end the readers is pleasantly pleased with the direction of the story…and it’s just the beginning

Final thought: Vampire enthusiasts indulge!


And now for an excerpt from Runaway Girl by Elaine White
In the campus library, Emily was doing her best to tutor Tyler, a confirmed jock. She only had a few weeks to help him get his grades up. He risked losing his spot on the football team and Emily wasn’t about to be responsible for that. For two hours, Emily drilled the information into his head, trying to make sure that he would pass his classes. After all, he was paying her good money for tutoring and she wanted to make sure he got his money’s worth.

By the time they were finished, she was exhausted and happy to retreat back to her dorm room. She cut through the campus garden, surprised at how dark it had gotten since her classes had finished. But, then again, she had spent about three hours studying on her own and then another two with Tyler. And the constant interruption of the boys stopping by to say “hello” didn’t help.

What Emily didn’t notice as she made her way through the gardens, listening to her IPod, were the two shadows that passed her and then doubled back again. Within a moment, a hand crushed down over her mouth. Then forceful arms wrapped around her entire body, dragging her off her feet, pulling her into the nearby bushes. In a flash, her attacker forced her face away, bared his fangs, and was ready to sink into the soft flesh on her neck. Suddenly, she understood what was about to happen and fought back.

Emily struggled against the vampire attack until a second attacker shadowed above her, crouching down, then hit her right across her face. Emily’s head rocked back into a large stone, knocking her unconscious. One of the attackers knelt over her body and pressed his ear to her chest, then looked up at his friend who had hit her, furious.

“She’s not breathing,” he snapped at his friend, but he bit her anyway. He fed from her until he heard voices and people coming up fast, then he panicked. They had obviously been spotted. His friend wasn’t paying attention, so he literally ripped him away from the girl and they ran off into the night, leaving Emily behind.

“My God … is there someone in there?” a couple asked. They were taking a nice leisurely walk through the campus garden when they heard strange noises. They were just in time to see two men running off and Emily lying in the bushes. They recognized her, as she lay unconscious with blood dripping over her neck.

“Oh, shit! We’re going to have to take care of this,” the guy said to his girlfriend, who nodded with a worried look as he checked Emily’s pulse. He looked up at her and shook his head. Together, they managed to lift her up and carry her to the campus church. They hid her in the mausoleum behind it, laying her on top of an exposed casket. The couple sat together at the other end, waiting to see what would happen when she woke, if she ever did. They knew what had happened to her and were hoping that they interrupted her attackers in time before they had a chance to finish the job.

It took over three hours before anything happened. Emily woke up with a start. “Oh, my head,” Emily said groggily, reaching for the back of her head. Emily sighed, frustrated at how her night had turned out, ruining her plans. There was so much that she planned to do and now her time had been wasted. She didn’t even know where she was.
The couple was shocked into silence as they turned to stare at her in wonder. “Are you alright?” the girl asked. “I’m fine, thanks,” Emily replied, nodding her head. “I’m afraid I’m not sure if you’re going to turn or not,” the guy said with a sympathetic look in his eyes.
Emily had no idea what kind of trip the couple was on, but she was sure they were insane. “How can I turn if I’ve not been bitten?” she complained. The couple looked at each other curiously, pointing at her neck. Confused, Emily found her purse lying on the ground, then searched through it for her compact to check her reflection in the mirror. They were right. She did in fact have bite marks on her neck. She sighed, snapping the mirror shut and left without saying a word to the couple.

When Emily got back to her room, she was so angry and upset that she didn’t even bother spending the hour studying as she had planned. Instead, she spent a good half hour in the shower, scrubbing the dried blood from her neck. She patched up the wound as best she could and plopped onto her bed. Luckily, she had not fed from her attacker, which was necessary to turn into a vampire after bitten. So she was sure she wouldn’t turn. And she was determined not to.

Runaway Girl - p.27

Be sure to get your copy of Runaway Girl!


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