Saturday, March 2, 2013

Latest Reads: March 2013

Since getting my kindle, I have been consuming books. It has been fantastic! It has reminded me that deep down I'm really am a nerdy girl/bookworm extraordinaire! I must say it beats the wild club/bar days of my footloose and fancy-free youth. Although I'm not entirely sure a direct link between books and my bank account is the best thing, it's almost as expensive as the wild/club scene days with less wrinkles and wear and tear on my body! ;) Here are some of my thoughts on my ‘Latest Reads’!

FYI: One of my current reads: “Beautiful Creatures”…totally addicted!!!

Uprising by Dawn Jayne:

To say I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Uprising’ would be a vast understatement. I absolutely loved this book! The storyline and plot were unlike anything I’ve ever read, plus the writing was superb! And the characters are fantastically developed! You can’t help but fall in love with Rise!  Dawn Jayne has a way with words and a true talent. In Uprising, she has created an elaborate and extensive angelic world. She lets the reader in piece by piece and creates an incredible sense of suspense, but as a reader, I was never confused only pulled further into the story.  I couldn’t put this one down and can’t wait for the next one!

Dead Over Heels by Charlaine Harris:

I am a huge fan of this series! I find Roe Teagarden to be a highly entertaining character. I love that this short bushy haired librarian stumbled into a wad of money and an ex gangster husband. Her new bodyguards are and interesting touch. So what happens when one of her biggest enemies (and the police chief) literally falls from the sky? Well, you get the intricate plot of Dead Over Heels. I didn’t see this one coming folks. Harris wove the tail expertly, as per usual. A good, quick, entertaining read!

With Open Eyes by Iris and Roy Johansen:

This was my first experience with these authors. I know they have written many books, and in all honestly I’m not sure I will try another. The story was okay, but it was really short, even for a short story. It was over at 52%. I felt like I was being told about a police investigation instead of reading and becoming engrossed in a story about a woman involved in a police investigation. I found it to be predictable with minimal ‘Show Not Tell’.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Okay, this was my first experience with Gillian Flynn and I will read more of her stuff. “Gone Girl” is on my list! In “Sharp Objects”, a troubled reporter must go back to her home town to sniff out a few murders that might (or might not) have a connection. Flynn spins an intricate tale and leads our heroine down some pretty risqué paths, too. Well, the end came, I was shocked! Then she wrapped it up with another twist! Well done, Ms. Flynn. I’m a new fan!

No Sanctuary by Cynthia Melton

I’m a fan of this YA zombie series! It’s a quick read with fun entertaining characters. Melton did a great job keeping me on the edge of my seat. In part two, she created real world conflicts, not just zombie related problems, which really made the characters more believable! She weaves a multilevel intricate tale. It’s impossible not to love Colton and Chalice! The character Mychal also becomes more independent in this part. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

The Possibilities of Amy by Jaye Frances

I received this book from the author for an honest review. To start, I really liked this story. The author can spin a great story, and her male high school perspective is highly engaging. Her attention to details and character development are impressive. But, I wanted more. I felt it ended abruptly and left me hanging. The ending left me to my own creative devices to discern the characters motivations, which might have been the author’s intent, because I did give it a lot of thought. After the story the author includes excerpt from her other works, which led me to download another one of her stories. I will continue to read the talented Ms. Frances. I like her style.

Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee

A highly recommended read! To say I LOVED this story would be a gross understatement!!! This story had everything: an exceptional plot, incredibly believable characters, exquisite writing, insight and life lessons! I love a good story about a broken girl, who pulls herself up by the boot straps, puts on her big girl panties and handles life. As a reader, I couldn’t help but identify with Emily, and as a dog lover, I immediately fell in love with Einstein! The two are good for each other. They teach each other about life, love, despair, pain, selfishness, independence and ultimately, happiness. Truly, one of the best books I’ve read in a long time!

Death Lilly by Rebecca Nolan

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

That being said, this young adult paranormal thriller had at me at the get-go! Right from the beginning, it was easy to see there was something special and different about Lilly, but the author did a great job of adding just enough foreshadowing to build suspense without giving anything away. I found it easy to relate with Lilly, to empathize with her many different situations, and to want to save her! The author perfectly depicts the setting of Paradise End and high school life in a town that is loaded with mystery and intrigue. After the conflict was resolved, numerous questions were presented to lure the reader into the next book. There were bits and pieces near the end that I found a tad confusing. There was a lot of information and back-story to process and organize, not to mention I am still a little up in the air about whether some of the characters are on the side of good or evil. I assume that was intentional, and it worked! I have my own theories and will definitely tune in for the next one! Nicely done!


What is coming next on ‘Latest Reads’?

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Novel Hearts: An Anthology by Write More Publication Authors

Runaway Girl by Elaine White

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

The Surgeon by Tess Gerristen

Happy Reading!