Sunday, March 22, 2015

Midnight Raven

New Release

There are always books to add to the ever growing, ridiculously long TBR list, and I’m a bit dismayed to report I have not made a dent in mine as of late. First, there is the general chaos of life, but there is also The Walking Dead. Binge watching this show has been fueling my creative, and it took me by total surprise. I never EVER thought TWD would hold my interest, but the writing...the characters...the twists and turns...sucked me right in! Plus, it’s great research for my next novel. But all good things must come to an end, or go on hiatus. As I await a marathon of five, I have turned back to my favorite pastime to fuel the creative.  One of the latest books added to my TBR list is the newly released Midnight Raven by Becca Boucher.  I pre-ordered it, so it was on my kindle the day of the release, and it is near the top of my paranormal/magic TBR list. Hunting the Moon, the first in the series, was intriguing and nicely paced. As a big fan mystical tales, I’m interested to see where the author takes these characters.

Book Blurb

Kat Brennan was a loner. Trust no one, and don’t let anyone in, was the mantra she lived her life by. The few times she had, it ended badly. Now alone and bitter she’s facing the consequences of her actions. Until one night a chance encounter with a raven sets into motion a range of events, and desires, she thought she had buried long ago.

Cace Matthews was a successful doctor to the outside world. He seemingly had it all, good looks, a fast paced career, and a prestigious new job. But no one knew the real Cace. The shifter who searched for the truth, the end to the curse that had been placed on his family. 
When the two cross paths it leads to discovery and passion.

Can Kat accept her true lineage and the magic that surrounds her? More importantly, can she let go of decades old resentments and let herself find true love? Can Cace bridge the gap between family commitments, and the desire to be himself, all while navigating his true feelings for Kat? And will they both live to see midnight?

Rebecca Boucher was born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts. Her father instilled an early love of reading and encouraged her when she started to write. Rebecca earned a degree in Criminal Justice from Quinsigamond Community College, but her love has always been writing. After the birth of her first child, she moved to a quiet little town on the edge of Worcester County, in the heart of Central Massachusetts. Living there has inspired her to write most of her current projects. In fact, local readers might recognize some of her locations.

Currently, Rebecca is a freelance writer and blogger. Her first novel, Hunting The Moon (The Moon Series) debuted December 2013 from Write More Publications. She has also authored three short stories and one novella, The Shadow Soldier.

When she is not writing, Rebecca is the mother to two boys, ages 12 and 14. Two of Rebecca’s favorite causes are Autism Awareness and Veteran’s causes.  All proceeds of her book, The Shadow Soldier, have been donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Wishing Becca tremendous success, not only with this project, but with all future endeavors! Looking forward to reading Midnight Raven!