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Latest Reads: June 2013

June Latest Reads

This month has been a busy one! At the beginning of the month, I wrapped up my first year as a fourth grade teacher in a new district. Then, I got in some serious writing time. My debut novel, “The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood”, will be published summer 2013 by Write More Publications. I have also been working on “Secrets of the Silver Slippers”, a co-authored story with the talented, Jennifer Paquette, which we hope to have self-published this summer. Of course, I’ve also made time for a little travel and a bit of fun! And you know what comes with travel and vacation? That’s right…SUMMER READING!

Out of the five books I read for this edition, three of them are written by authors I read regularly: Janet Evanovich, John Sanford and Cynthia Melton.  However, I am pleased to say I have also discovered two new authors. One is Wally Lamb. I’m not entirely sure how I missed him all these years, but “She’s Come Undone” turned me into a fan. And “Destined Oracle” is the debut novel from J.G. Martinez, an indie author who also publishes with Write More Publications.


Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

I have been a fan of the Stephanie Plum novels for many years. The wit and comedic aspect of these books keep me coming back. I know this book got many poor review, but I thought it was hysterical! In past books the grandmother’s antics kept me laughing, but in this book, the dialogue between Lulu and Stephanie had me cackling out loud! As for the storyline, Stephanie is still struggling between Ranger and Morelli (I pick Morelli), lots of people want to kill her, and she has a hard time keeping any car she drives from bursting into flames. Plus, I had the killer figured out super early in the story.

Final thought: Anything that can make me cackle like an old woman is worth my time. I will definitely tune in for the 18th one!


Rules of Prey (A Lucas Davenport Novel) by John Sanford

I read many of the Prey books about 10 years ago. I’ve changed incredibly as a reader and since Lucas Davenport is one of my all time favorite male protagonists, I decided to reread the series.  Detective Davenport is just as I remember him: dark, intriguing, methodical, intuitive and sexy as hell. The ladies love him, the men admire him and the bad guys fear him. In this novel, Davenport will use any means necessary to find the maddog killer before he has a chance to massacre any more women; and Lucas certainly doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty or even using an innocent woman as bait.

Final Thought: This page turner will keep you on your toes. Looking forward to spending more time with Lucas Davenport in the future!


The Long Road (A Zombie Awakening Book 3) by Cynthia Melton

This is the third in this zombie series. I thoroughly enjoy this series and anxiously await the release of the next one. In this story, the wayward band of survivors is tired of constantly moving around, so they are looking for a place to settle down...to call home…to start over. Zombies aren’t the only problem the survivors face. Of course, there are some happy times, as well. Chalice and Colton get closer, Mychal takes his role as protector seriously and Melton introduces a heartwarming reunion!

Final Thought: The end leaves you hanging! I need the next one!


Destined Oracle by J. G. Martinez

This debut YA novel by J.G. Martinez has everything: good, evil, tragedy, love, twist, turns and (my favorite) magic! Right away we meet Savina, an oracle. After living in the city her entire life, she finds out that there is an entire mystical world out there, complete with angels, oracles, werewolves, witches, vampires and more. In this new life, Savina plays a very important role. Not only does Savina graciously and humbly accept the role, she also rises to every challenge thrown at her. Martinez creates new twist on timeless magic, and leads the reader into a whole new world in this enticing story.

Final thought: Looking forward to what comes next for Savina and the others!


She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

LOVED.THIS.BOOK! Dolores is the epitome of a pathetic character, who has been beat down by hardship after hardship. As a reader, I wanted to jump into the pages and save her! When we first meet her, she is a young carefree child. Of course, this all changes quickly thanks to the selfishness of her parents. After that, it’s just one raw deal after another for poor Dolores, until she is so far gone you wonder if she’ll ever make it back. After rotten people walking all over her time and time again, thankfully, Lamb introduces some characters that nurture her and help her come back from the brink. The end had me red-faced and sobbing like a child (but in a good way)

Final Thought: Wally Lamb has made it to my ‘Must Read’ list.


Coming in July:

A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle

My Haunting Love by J.S. Wilsoncroft

***More to come, but at this time I haven’t decided what I’ll read after theseJ

Happy Summer Reading!!!



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  1. Great books!!! I have to agree on Destined Oracle... Can't wait to see what comes next :)