Friday, July 4, 2014

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful
On this holiday, I find myself reflecting on a bevy of things: choices, experiences, failures, success, goals, summer leisure, etc. And I know the only reason I’m able to live the life I live is because I live in the greatest country in the world! Don’t get me wrong, I have severe qualms about the current administration and the direction of society, but today isn’t about that. It’s about a desire for freedom so strong it spouted a country. A desire for freedom so great, our forefathers stood up to a tyrannical administration centuries ago. Freedom our brave soldiers have fought and died to maintain. Freedom the courageous men and women of our military willingly risk their lives every day to protect.
So what does that mean in 2014? People have the freedom to choose a life, any life they want. It’s a truly beautiful thing. In the USA, you really can be anything you want, IF (this is a BIG ASS IF) you work hard enough. Now, that is not to say everyone who works hard will succeed, and I think this misnomer has brought about confusion and spouted a disgusting sense of entitlement. There will be times, you may work incredibly hard, and still fail.  Think about our forefathers’ fight. No one handed this country over to them. It cost blood, sweat and tears, intermingled with strategies, failures and successes. Failure doesn’t necessarily mean the desired goal isn’t attainable; it just means it’s going to be complicated to achieve. It may take multiple attempts again each time growing and learning more. Think of it as success preparation. Achieving success is all about the willingness to persevere; to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again, and again, and again as many times as needed.
So what is success? How will I know I’ve become successful? The idea of success, for each individual, can (and should) be different, because we are all unique individuals. Even the most basic forms happiness and success (money, love, family, power, peace, etc) come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Personally, there are days when success is not being an asshole or punching anyone in the face. Most of the time, I’m successful, and I haven’t had to punch anyone yet! In all seriousness, the freedom to choose my own form of happiness and success allows me to adapt and grow.
America the Beautiful, where reaching your desired success is possible. It all depends on your level of commitment. America the Beautiful, where you are free to grow, change, learn, adapt, succeed, fail, love, laugh, live. America the Beautiful, the greatest country in the world!