Saturday, January 12, 2013

Latest Reads

In the past month or so, I have enjoyed spending some time reading. I’ve finished several novels/stories and thought I would share some of my thoughts about them.

The Julius House by Charlaine Harris.
To start, I love the Roe Teagarden series. I love the talented Ms. Harris. As a Sookie fan for many years, trying one of her other stories seemed like a natural progression. “ The Julius House” is the fourth in this series. These cozy mysteries are a quick read laced with humor and intrigue. I thoroughly enjoy watching Roe muddle her way through her latest turmoil.

The Darkening: A Zombie Awakening by Cynthia Melton
Cindy happens to be a friend of mine and I have enjoyed reading many of her stories. “The Darkening” is a post apocalyptic YA novella, which chronicles a young parentless family as they try to survive, not only life after a firestorm of meteorites, but also the awakening of  an entire zombie culture. You can’t help but love Chalice and Colton.

Power of the Moon by Tina Carreiro
As a fan of Ms. Carreiro and a supporter of indie authors, I just had to check out this novel. I love what she did with sexy vampire police officer, Cole, and ‘oddball’ strange girl, Mia. The heat between these two is enough to make a girl blush…several times. It’s not your traditional vampire meets girl tale. Definitely worth a read!

The Beach and Short Time by Jaye Francis
As part of my Goodreads group, I was given a free copy of “The Beach” for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed this story by Jaye Frances, as well as, the extra novella, “Short Time”, that came with it. Both were poignant, purposeful and full of meaning, which is not my usual genre. Normally, I prefer mindless fun reading versus thought provoking literature, but I honestly couldn’t put either down once I started. Frances lures you in right away with an intriguing plot and great character development. In “The Beach”, you watch Alan make choices and you want to help him, or warn him, but deep down your know his selfish and ‘idealism’ thinking will come with consequences. Although, I never guessed it would unfold the way it did. In “Short Time”, you don’t even know the character’s name, but he creeps into your mind. Her storyline flows easily and the endings leave you thinking! I look forward to reading more by Ms. Frances. In fact, I have already downloaded one of her other stories from Amazon.

Midsummer and Reflection (short stories) by Will Hunter
I enjoyed Will Hunter’s, “Midsummer”. He has a unique way of telling a story about a young couple that parted ways, but lost a bit of each other in the process. He throws in some interesting characters with a party as the backdrop. He definitely keeps the reader’s attention. I look forward to more from Mr. Hunter! With that being said, I absolutely loved “Reflection”. Up and comer, Will Hunter has quite a tail spinning talent. In “Reflection”, the reader finds an interesting protagonist/antagonist in Sabeth. She is certainly her own worst enemy! The storyline flowed easily and I couldn’t put it down until I found out how it ended. Then it haunted me for days on end. And I will definitely never look in the mirror the same way. If you like edgy, poignant and thought provoking, you MUST read this!

Current book: Uprising by Dawn Jayne
I LOVE this novel! In this unique world of angels, the reader can’t help but fall in love with the somewhat socially awkward loner, Rise. She is a Herald angel (the most powerful of all the angels) and has been created to replace Tyre, a Herald that has fallen from grace. I’m over halfway done and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen the last of Tyre. I can’t wait to see how this tale unfolds!


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