Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer 2016

Oh Summer, where did you go?
I haven’t written in weeks…2.5 to be exact (not that I’m keeping track). Normally, that wouldn’t bother me too much, but my sweet summer writing time is quite literally up and I’m nowhere near my 100,000 word/2 novel summer writing goal. To make my own dissatisfaction even worse, I return to adulting and the daily working grind in 1.5 days (not that I’m keeping track). Completely mentally unprepared to adult, I’m also befuddled about where my summer went.

June blew in and BOOM school was over and summer vacation at the lake was A-MAZING! I have only the fondest memories of June…between vacation and writing…it was a sweet stress free time. The Ozarks with the FAM was simply grand, and once I returned, my writing seemed to take on a life of its own…simple bliss.

With July came a barrage of doctors, from dentist to eye doc to annual tests to vets. This is where the summer took a turn for the worse. My dude’s cancer returned after 4 short months. In the exact same place. At the time, treatment options sounded horrid. Needless to say, there were tears (a lot of them) and anger (a lot of it). Alas this too shall pass, and it did. Some new avenues were presented and things started to look up. AND I’m happy to report, while cancer still riddles his body…he has no idea, and I’m not about to tell him… #lovemydog. Even with all the angst July brought, I managed to finish a novel. My 4th. It’s nowhere near ready for any sort of publication, but the story is there, just waiting for polish and shine.

Then August showed up and well…more on the medical front. Nothing serious. Just obstacles and nonsense. Of course, amongst all the chaos, there was time for a splendid staycation with some of my FAVE people from Jersey. Riding high on some summer fun, I was blown away to learn of the passing of my dearest friend’s father, and within a few hours a red eye was booked. I was going home. After a tumultuous 60 hours in the Midwest, I was glad I could be there to celebrate the life of a truly wonderful man.

***Big Kyle, you lit up the lives of all those who knew you. The world just doesn’t make men quite like you anymore and you certainly made the world a better place. You will be deeply missed now and always. May you rest in peace.

Now, near the end of August with the 2016-2017 school year looming, all I can think is that I failed as a #booknerd this summer. One lousy novel written and only five read…not the best for this gal. Time to re-evaluate goals and aspirations. More than anything, my goals are fluid and ever changing as life is unpredictable and I’m a realist.

Re-evaluated Goals

Writing: Make sure to carve out weekly writing time with a focus on the rough draft of Modified. Be patient and let the polisher work her magic on Gems. #onward #dreambig

Reading: Continue with the 2016 Reading Challenge.
***Side note: The list will get finished, even if it carries into 2017. I needed a book that intimidates me and I choose the first seven of the Outlander books as the bundle on my kindle is monstrous. Possibly a little over zealous on my part. #readingismypassion #fluidgoals

Teaching: Positively impact the lives of little humans to the best of my ability. #newschoolyearishere

The unpredictably of life can be unnerving and terrifying at times, but the unpredictable part also leads to some of the most exciting adventures. However, if we continually worry and fret about the parts of the past that didn’t work out, it’s impossible to move forward to reach your dreams. #goalsandaspirations #aimhigh

Until Next time…

Don’t stop Reaching for the stars even when life gets complicated.

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  1. I'm right there with ya sis! today it was actually cold and rainy and I thought, where the heck did summer go? We never really had one...and in as much as I love the autumn, I still haven't gotten my sunshine fill yet...heading out to Tahoe in two weeks, so that should fix that. In the meantime, there's been no writing, at all..definitely not the norm for me..however, husband's health issues took complete attention, quick rightly...and now we're just looking forward to relaxing a bit...have missed you tremendously and am glad I saw your name on my blog's sidebar and clicked the link to check in...sorry you had such a time of it, however, it sounds like you're back on track for you...well done! xo june let's catch up more soon...good luck with the kids and the new school year!