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All In Blog Tour

Hello! Welcome to the second stop on the All In Blog Tour! As a resident of Las Vegas and a fan of Molly Bryant’s work, I just had to check out this book. First off, I flew through this book in a matter of hours. Second, this is NOT one for the kiddies (18+). It’s loaded with adult themes and mature content. Lastly, it has Vice Jackson…hard NOT to crush on the tatted badass with a heart of gold…even if he is a fictional character. Check out the latest post, complete with some background, a sneak peak, a few words from the author and the chance to win an Amazon gift card!

All In is the fourth book for the talented and versatile Molly Bryant. This book takes us to the streets of Las Vegas and into the life of tattoo artist, and professional poker player, Vice Jackson. Vice’s unconventional upbringing with his alcoholic mom has spurred him to better himself throughout his life.  At a time when Vice seems to have all his cards lined up, there is one man intent on bringing him down. Along with the two people he loves most.
All In is a no holds barred thrill ride through the streets of Vegas. Can Vice match wits with the man intent on bringing him down? Or will he lay all his cards on the table for one last ill fated round? Here’s a sneak peek:


The best thing that came from my childhood is I met my best friend Skip at the age of eighteen. Skip had seen me standing out front of the corner store in my dirty ripped jeans, Misfits T-shirt, and holey Chuck Taylor’s from endless nights of pounding the Vegas concrete in search of a sale. He than climbed out of his sleek, black 67’ Chevelle and stared at me for a moment from over his Wayfarer sunglasses. I took in his tatted arms and his James Dean like attire. I had no idea how the hell he knew I was selling, he knew though. Skip knew as if I was holding a sign above my head stating that I had a pound of grass in my back pocket.

He shook his head and said, “There is a hell of a lot easier ways to make ends meet.”

I literally laughed in his face. Not that he had to twist my nuts or anything, I went with him anyway. At that time in my life what did I have to loose. Absolutely nothing, besides the five miles it would take me to walk back to the corner store.”

“All In.” I slid the fifty -six grand in Bellagio chips across the green felt.

“Bullshit.” Chase looked up with his blue eyes narrowed at me. His pretty boy, blonde hair disheveled from the stress that was upon him. The stress I was causing upon him. I smiled.

Chase Miller is a big time roller and drug dealer here in Vegas. He also owns the Nostalgia Casino, which is known for its, tattooed, pin-up style woman. Nostalgia holds the hottest, big money poker tourneys. I had never been there before as I try to steer clear from the drug scene, it always seemed to cause me trouble.


A few words from the author... 
Hey guys, this is Molly Bryant the author of All In, and I am taking over this blog today.  Just wanted to send you all a quick hello and thanks for stopping by and taking a look at All In. It’s really one of my favorite books I‘ve written so far.

When I started this book I just had a vision of a tattooed hero who liked to dress classy, and was running poker tables in Vegas. I had to run with it. Vice is one of my favorite characters to date. He doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him, and he certainly doesn’t want to run and hide from his past. He embraces it and uses it to propel him forward.  Giving him the spunky and energetic Harlow Jean as a love interest was just a bonus. 

Do I live the Vegas life style? No. But that’s one of the great things we get to do as writers. We get to immerse ourselves in a world we never would in real life. And frankly, it’s a lot of fun. Who hasn’t dreamed of running off to Vegas and getting tattoos, living it up playing poker?  I know.  But hey, it’s fun to read about.

So I hope you enjoy All In. It’s a wild ride, but one you will be glad you took a chance on. Thanks for stopping by all these great blogs. And I look forward to visiting with everyone again.


***Be sure to visit all the blogs on the tour and be entered in the Rafflecopter drawing for a $25.00 Amazon gift card. You can find Molly Bryant on Amazon and Goodreads.  Molly Bryant lives in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and two children. She has come to embrace her talents and feel passionate about her ability to fantasize and daydream. The more she writes around her fantasies, bringing them to life, the more her vivid imagination makes sense.



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