Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Shadow Soldier and Becca Boucher

I’d like to start with Happy Veteran’s Day. I love this holiday, I really do. I’m thrilled there is an entire day devoted to the brave military men and women of this nation! The courage they possess amazes and inspires me daily. I truly have my utmost respect for what they give (and give up), so that I may live my life of luxury. The only flaw I find in Veteran’s Day is that there is only one a year. I think there should be one every month, like the third Tuesday of every month is Veteran’s Day!

However, while we only have one, I want to extend my deepest gratitude of appreciation for the courage and sacrifice of these men and women. With that being said, I thought a blog that promoted the military both figuratively and literally would be a great way to show my support today. Without further adieu, please welcome the amazing and talented Becca Boucher with her latest story, “The Shadow Soldier”!

SG: The Shadow Soldier. I’m intrigued by the title alone. Where did you get the inspiration for this story? Please tell us more about it.

BB: My family has a long history of military service on both sides. My dad was a Vietnam Veteran who suffered from PTSD, a lot of my inspiration comes from his stories and struggles. The Shadow Soldier came to me around the time that young Afghan girl was shot by the Taliban for her work with other girls and education. And I was thinking, what if we had tried to get her out? What if we knew about her? But then my mind was overtaken with the story of a young widow close to my home town who had lost her husband in Afghanistan. I was like thinking the grief must be unimaginable. I just kind of combined the two and The Shadow Soldier was born.

SG: I am a huge fan of projects that support our veterans. I thought I read this had something to do with the Wounded Warrior Project?

BB: You read right. My publisher, Visionary Press Collaborative, is led by a fantastic veteran, Blaze McRob, who donates a lot of his proceeds to various charities. One close to his heart, as well as mine, is the Wounded Warrior Project. I decided whatever royalties I get from this story will be donated to them. We are also hoping for a print version that Blaze will be handing out at VA hospitals.

SG: Wow! That’s an incredibly generous offer. Here’s to hoping for incredible sales for both you and our veterans! So tell us, what are you currently working on? What can we expect next?

BB: I have a romance/erotica piece coming out in an anthology very soon. I am finishing up Midnight Raven, the second book in my moon series, and I am working on a post-apocalyptic novel dealing with domestic abuse. Very intrigue mix of stuff I know.  But just because the world has ended as we might know it, doesn’t mean man gives up all his other dark issues.

SG: What’s your biggest challenge as a writer?
BB: Time! Finding the time to write. Between my day job and two busy teen boys I never get to write as much as I want.

SG: Me, too! Time sure has a way with us all Suppose you have time…what’s your idea of the perfect day?

BB: Coffee, a secluded cabin, and my lap top. All alone to write lol…… Other than that cuddled up with my kids watching movies is pretty darn nice. We don’t get much time for that.

SG: That sounds quite peaceful! One last one…who’s your favorite character?
BB: Wow. My favorite character of all time would have to be Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. I think she was brilliantly written. For her time period to be a strong woman, who goes after what she wants, and who she wants, very intriguing. Both for the time period it was set in, and the period Margret Mitchel lived in. She was a misunderstood character. A lot more depth than people give her credit for.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat, Becca. Wishing you nothing but wonderful success with this and all your future endeavors! 

Be sure to pick up your copy from Amazon today: The Shadow Soldier by Becca Boucher
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***Next blog may be coming soon…there is a long overdue "Latest Reads" simmering! And I finally finished “Life After Life”…a terrible ending, so tune back in before the end of the month (I promise) to see my perspective on my “Latest Reads”!

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