Friday, August 1, 2014

If you Give Stephanie a Story to Edit…

One of my favorite all time children’s book is “If you Give a Moose a Muffin…”.  I love this crazy ass moose! He gets offered a muffin, but then he's faced with some serious distractions at every turn. One thing leads to another as he makes his way through the house, leaving messes and silliness in his wake. BUT he’s a good-natured congenial moose! Just cute stuff! And there are other variations: “If you Give a Pig a Pancake” or “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”. In fact, there are a whole slew of them now. If you hang out with children, you’ve probably heard of them. If not, look them up. Who knows? They may brighten your day and make you chuckle.

The other day, I found myself in a similar conundrum to the moose. Here is a silly tale with a similar premise of “If you Give a Moose a Muffin…” set in a modern day adult world.

If you Give Stephanie a Story to Edit…

If you give Stephanie a story to edit, she’ll want a green tea to go with it, so off to the kitchen she’ll go.  Of course, she’ll need to turn the Keurig on. While the Keurig warms up, Stephanie will notice the floor is dirty and grab a broom. When she’s done sweeping, she’ll realize the throw rugs need to be washed. And when she goes through the house collecting rugs, she’ll decide she might as well sweep ALL the floors. When she finally puts the broom away, she’ll see the new magic erasers, and want to try them out on the scuffs on the walls. Once the scuffs are cleaned, she’ll see all the dust on the blinds and grab the Swifter. In the middle of changing Swifters, she’ll remember she wanted a green tea and load the Keurig cup. While it brews, she’ll realize she’s in too deep to quit. Shrugging, she’ll finish the blinds, only to see the terrible mess it’s left on the carpet. Off to the closet, she’ll grab the vacuum. Once the carpets are cleaned, the trash will need to go out. As Stephanie replaces the kitchen trash bag and washes her hands, she’ll decide she’s starving, so she'll makes herself a sandwich and lemonade before heading back to edit.

True Story! See you next time!

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