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FREE DOWNLOAD: "If the Silver Slippers Fit..."

“If the Silver Slippers Fit…”
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If The Silver Slipper Fits…
Two feisty witches.
Two wickedly impossible dilemmas.
Two modern day realms infused with a little mischievous magic.
One pair of totally awesome and very sassy shoes.

"If The Silver Slipper Fits" begins with a story about Glinda, a teenage witch, who, like any other teenager in the modern world, is envious of another woman’s pair of shoes. However, these shoes belong to her sister. After stealing the shoes for her hot date, she trips on a crack in the Yellow Brick Road, falls through a portal and lands smack in the middle of New York City. Of course, she lost her grip on the shoes when she fell and now Glinda not only has to find her sister’s Silver Slippers in a city of 8 million people, but she has to find another portal to get herself back home in time for her date. Unfortunately, a subway train full of degenerates, a Naked Cowboy and herd of anorexic fashion models stand in her way. And to top it all off, the shoes change their look as the owner’s personality changes.

The second story takes place many years later, and centers around Glinda’s youngest daughter Giselle, who already has way too much baggage for a normal 20-something. She has been banished to Las Vegas because she set her college on fire, and to make matters worse, she supposedly is the recipient of a Goblin Curse. To top off her really crummy year in exile, a Blood Moon shows up at the wrong time, making her powers go out of control. She steals her Aunt’s Silver Slippers (sound familiar?) and suddenly her luck, and the shoes, begins to change…for the worse. Can Giselle’s Lightning Power save the ones she loves most? Or is it really all just about the shoes? 

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