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Jennifer Paquette and Nicholas Perrotti Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting this mother and son writing duo several years ago. They are simply fantastic people, but they are also an incredibly talented writing team. Their first novel is a unique twist on timeless mythology, and their creativity is endless! Read on to find out a little more about this amazing team!
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1.      First off, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Please start by telling us a little bit about your novel.

Jennifer:  In “The Awakening of Agnostos” the Greek Gods take part in the creation of an unexplained phenomenon, The Bermuda Triangle.  We crafted a story that included a scorned Goddess of Magic, bickering Olympians, and a battle of wits and power between the 12 gods and goddesses and an unknown God.   It is the first in the Myths of The Olympians series, and you will see a running theme throughout these books that make them educational as well as entertaining.


2.      As a mother/son writing team, tell us what it was like co-authoring this book.

Jennifer:  It was great fun.  I enjoyed “arguing” with Nick about things like grammar, dialogue and character development instead of cleaning his room and doing homework.

Nicholas:  Overall it was fun, but at times it was a little difficult because as we got going we kept sending drafts back and forth to each other by email and had to make sure we were always working off the latest one.


3.      How many books are in this series? What can we expect next in this series?

Jennifer:  The Myths of the Olympians series, as of now, will be four books.  The next book, will be centered on The Drake Passage, the turbulent water passage that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the southernmost tip of South America.


4.      What was your inspiration for this story?

Jennifer:    To be truly inspired, you need to have a passion for a topic.  Ever since I was young the Greek gods have fascinated me, so it was very easy to write about them.  Also, the ocean plays an important part in our lives, as we visit it often and it spurns great story ideas and inspiration.

Nicholas:  I always had a passion for mythology and my mother entering a fantasy-writing contest happened at the same time I was reading the latest edition in a very popular mythology series. I then encouraged her to write a mythology story for her fantasy submission.


5.      Tell us a bit about your regular daily lives.

Jennifer:  I live in Manhattan with my husband John and two fantastic sons, John and Nicholas.  Work and everything that goes with raising teenage boys takes up most of my time, but I try to write whenever possible, which is usually after hours!  Reading has been a lifelong passion of mine, and one that I am proud to have handed down to my boys.  When I’m not at the beach, you’ll find me at either a zumba or a belly dance class!

Nicholas:  I will be entering my junior year at Stuyvesant High School.  I enjoy good books, swimming and art.


6.      What are some of your favorite books/authors?

Jennifer:  Anything by Stephen King, Nelson DeMille and Ken Follett.

Nicholas:  To Kill A Mockingbird, The Outsiders, Catcher In The Rye, and The Hunger Games series!


7.      What is the best writing advice you ever received? What is one piece of advice to aspiring authors?

Jennifer:  I took a writing class many years ago and the comment “First throw up, then clean up” really hit home.  Just get it all out on paper first, then shape and mold later.  Also, edit, edit, edit!  Typos make me cringe.

Nicholas:  As of now, all I’ve gotten are comments from my English teachers on essays!


8.      When I’m writing I have to have while writing, I must have coffee and music! What is one thing you MUST have during writing time?

Jennifer:  Coffee in the morning, wine in the evening.  And always edit sober.

Nicholas:  Silence.


9.      Aside from this series, what else can we expect from you?

Jennifer:  We are working on the next book in the series now, which has been greatly inspired by many summer walks on the beach.  I am also writing a memoir with my mother – think David Sedaris – and have a completed full-length novel that is a medical thriller.  I have a vault of ideas and other novels started…and am confident they will get finished!

Nicholas:  I have the SATs coming up…ugh! 


10.  Now, please share one last tidbit about you!

Jennifer:  It gives me great joy when someone enjoys something I have written.  Nicholas and I have received so many kind words of encouragement and support and we personally respond to each one. 

Nicholas:  I’m a passionate person and always believe that you should never give up on anything.


Thanks so much, Jennifer and Nicholas!


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